5 success proven ways to promote clickbank products

5 success proven ways to promote clickbank products

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing, then promote Clickbank products is one of the easiest way for beginner. If you don’t know where to start, then check out these 5 success proven methods you can start right away.

Success proven methods to promote Clickbank products

1. Set up a review website.

The habit of all of us (especially foreigners) is that when they search for any product, they often go to Google and type in keywords to search for information / reviews about that product. So an effective strategy that many people apply is to build a product review website to promote and make money with Clickbank.

This method is the most popular, most effective, although it is not profitable for a day or two, but the profit it brings is very sustainable. You need a certain amount of capital to invest in this way. To set up a website promoting products, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Buy a hosting that contains data on your website. A2hosting is a good choice for you. If you have trouble buying, you can refer to the article: Guide to buying hosting at A2hosting.
  • Step 2: Buy the domain name of your website. Namecheap is a good choice. You refer to the price list of cheap domain names here, or see the article: Guide to buying domains in Namecheap.
  • Step 3: After purchasing hosting and domain, please see the article on how to install wordpress and instructions on installing theme newspaper to get a complete wordpress website to promote.
  • Step 4: Write articles to promote the product. Since all products on clickbank are in foreign languages, specifically here you will also choose English as the advertising market, so it is imperative that you write articles in English. If you have good English skills, being able to write articles on your own is a very good thing, both economical and understanding the product to advise customers when needed. If not able to write yourself you can refer to the article: Guide to hiring writer to hire article writers.
  • Step 5: After completing your website, you start Seo to bring website rank to the top. This step is also important, the website does not go to the top of the competition, there are no visitors to visit, without customers there is no money. Have you followed 2 supporting articles Seo is a Basic Seo Guide and a guide to using Seo thehoth service.

2. Make product promotional videos.

This way is quite good but difficult to do. To make a promotional video, it is imperative that you know how to make a video, and maybe English, because video is for foreigners to watch, unless making video without sound, but I think video has no sound. will not be very attractive. The video making software includes ProShow Producer, Camtasia …

If you have English skills and know how to make a video, that is an advantage. Otherwise, you can completely invest some money to hire foreigners on Fiver, Odesk, Elane, Freelance … for them to create product review videos. When you finish the video you can post it on Youtube, Dailymotion.com… Finally you need Seo for your video.

3. Use Email Marketing

This method initially you still need a website to collect emails of potential customers. The steps to make website are as in method 1. Then you attract customers to email registration to your website. The more emails you collect, the better, this completely depends on your acquisition strategy. After you have a large number of email customers, you email them to promote other products.

Note that you should not send too many emails to customers, do not have an email to introduce popular products every day, you hate email spam and certainly your customers too. Choose the best product, send email in a way that stimulates the customer’s curiosity, so it is much more effective.

4. Promote Clickbank products on Facebook, Google

Facebook, Google are the largest social networks in the world, if using these tools effectively to promote, then nothing is better. You can set up a Facebook fan page and then navigate to the website promoting your products, or you can run Facebook Ads, Google Ads … This way to be effective you need to learn a lot, not just pump Money will run effectively, so it is possible to lose money without profit. Need to have a reasonable strategy.

5 success proven ways to promote clickbank products

5. Use other advertisers

To make money with Clickbank sometimes you also need investment in advertising such as running Ads on Google, Bing … This is very good to reach users as well as convert into revenue. Of course, not just pouring money into advertising is money will come to you, to succeed with this method you need to have skills, analysis as well as calculating the rate of return on investment (ROI).

And the best practices are learning, persistence, sometimes accepting failure and not giving up.

My business model to promote clickbank products

I love developing blogs with specific product-related topics to increase my income with Clickbank. Success with this strategy requires time and effort and sometimes an investment of money, but the benefits are very long term.

Because once you have success with your blog niche and have enough traffic and rankings, you will surely have customers and of course you will have income, besides in the long term, that blog is complete. You can passively increase your income.

Basically, there are 4 things I always apply to all models of making money online with Affiliate as follows:

  • Sign up for an affiliate network (ClickBank here) & choose from (or 1) potential products
  • Build a blog niche and increase traffic with SEO and online marketing (especially focus on optimizing and developing niche related video channels to sell and drive traffic to the blog)
  • Collect email list by creating each method and build input funnel and implement email marketing campaign for automated email chain sales. Also make daily emails to sell upsale or other related products.
  • Finally is PROFIT

Build a niche blog with useful information

Choose Clickbank products to promote

My experience is that not every product with a high Gravity index is easy to sell, because the higher the index, the greater the competition. But if it is too low, it is difficult to sell, so I often chooses products according to the following criteria:

  • Gravity from 20 to 50
  • Using filters to get products from the US market your chances of success will be higher
  • Avg% / Rebill high to increase passive income when customers continue to extend product use

Increase traffic through SEO and social media

5 success proven ways to promote clickbank products
  • SEO: It is very difficult to make money with ClickBank if you do not implement a proper SEO strategy. By all means you need to push your website / blog to the top of the search results, so the opportunity to reach and sell products to new customers becomes a reality. In addition to the main keywords related to the product, you also need to target related keywords to improve rankings.
  • Facebook: You can reach a lot of your target audience at relatively low prices through targeted advertising on Facebook. Particularly focused on creating pixels to collect customer files and then running remarketing ad campaigns to remind customers of products, blogs / websites.

Promote Clickbank products with email marketing strategy

When customers come to your website, never let them leave without leaving any information. Do something for them to leave an email.

Their email list is the best sales tool if you want to increase your income with Clickbank.

Note: If you really want to make money with Clickbank, you should use at least one email marketing service, and I recommends using the GetResponse service to be able to create email campaigns automatically sent to customers at a price. very reasonable. Now, GetResponse also has a 30-day trial program, so it is definitely an indispensable email marketing tool when making money with Clickbank.

With email marketing, you can completely continue to sell and pull customers back to your website. After you have a list of customers’ email, I usually creates 3 consecutive emails as follows:

The first email: Send the customer about the product’s features

In the first email, I usually send content to introduce the product, show them the useful features of the product or service. Also, don’t forget to put a link that links to the sales page of the product / service so they can learn more. With this email, the purchase rate is not high. Most customers often see and find out is key.

At the end of the email, I never forget to leave an announcement, with an open-ended question with the aim that there will also be another email, this to increase the rate of second email clicks.

Email 2: Provide a “feeling” to the customer

In the second email, you need to answer the question on the first email and this is an excuse to send the final email. The answer should go directly to the problem of what product / service you provide will benefit them.

For example, with weight loss products / services in the health category on Clickbank, you need to give customers 4 “feelings” as follows:

No more being embarrassed, shy about meeting or people looking at you
You will be more attractive, find love and joy in life
Get more energy, be active and work more efficiently every day
In the end you will…. do not die prematurely due to diseases related to being overweight

All of the above is simply to elicit a positive emotion from the customer and don’t forget to associate with the product you are promoting.

Email 3: Create a feeling of scarcity

In this last email, you need to stimulate customers to take a specific action that is BUYING. The most effective way I see that is to create a sense of real scarcity by calling for action such as offering a discount, bundled gifts (eg ebook …) or limiting the discount period … something available to offer attraction and a sense of scarcity.

The subject and content in this 3rd email should contain sentences like: “Discount ..% for all … just in … days dedicated to you!” or “You need something new to change your life!” or “Don’t miss the free ebook giveaway…. when buying single product of the year ”…

After the results that the 3rd email gives you, do not forget that email list. You need to continue to extend email marketing campaigns like submitting article related information to products. Selling add-on products and the chance that customers who have purchased the product in the past continue to buy another product are enormous.


After reading this article, I take it now you can figure out the ways to go if you want to make money with Clickbank. These are all the necessary steps for you to follow, how much you can earn depending on how well you are doing. Just start working today to experience and learn on your way. Clickbank is not easy to do if you are not determined but if you work hard enough, you can definitely earn quote a lot.

If you are still unsure, check our my guide: How to make money with clickbank affiliate in 3 easy steps.


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