Airbnb associates: Travel and make money easily

Airbnb associates: Travel and make money easily

To travel and make money with the Airbnb associates program, you need to understand some of the basics about Airbnb’s service to better understand different methods to promote their programs. From there you can determine who your advertising audience is and make a long-term strategy to make money online with Airbnb.

The development of digital technology empowers customers to have more decision-making power, and because of that, they become more demanding. At the same time, technology also helps businesses, especially in the field of hotels and restaurants, have new ways to approach and satisfy customers. And Aibnb is one of the useful tools that technology has brought, whereby restaurant owners-customers can make money with Airbnb associates program and earn more.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb associates: Easy ways to make money travelling

First, I will introduce about Airbnb. Airbnb stands for AirBed and Breakfast, this is a model that connects people who need to rent a house with people who have rooms to rent around the world using a mobile application. Airbnb (AirBed & Breakfast) is an application that directly connects people with rooms for rent (landlords/innkeepers/apartments/villas/homestays) with room tenants (traveling/business) who need to find a place to stay. , even for a short or long time through a mobile application with extremely simple procedures and methods, but the price is cheap, much more reasonable than other popular booking websites (booking, agoda, …)

How to make money with Airbnb associates

With this new program, you will earn 30% Airbnb service fee for each trip booked through your referral link (within 28 days of clicking on the link). And instead of credit, you can earn real money!

Registering for the Airbnb Associates program

Signing up for Airbnb Associates is easy. All you need is a regular Airbnb account. Log in, go to, and click Get Started. Your associated account will be created and activated immediately. There is no traffic requirements for your website.

New update: Unfortunately, Airbnb is announcing that their Airbnb associates program is now closed. This is a bad news for all travel bloggers or those who want are interested in promoting their program. However, you can still make money with other booking programs. There are many different programs to promote and make money as a travel bloggers.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and don’t know how to make money, you can find out here.

If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, then let’s check out the complete list of affiliate programs for travel blogs.

Alternative travel affiliate programs to Airbnb associates

Amazon Associates

I must admit, Amazon’s affiliate program is my favourite program out of them all. They have a wide range of products in just any niche and you can promote links in different categories. Amazon is a top destination for online shoppers, especially customers from the US and the EU. Once you join the Amazon Associates programs, you can link to any product listed on Amazon and earn money if your readers buy any product from the entire site.

One thing I really love about Amazon affiliate programs is that you will earn money whenever a user buys any product from Amazon after they click on your affiliate links.


  • The network has a high reputation.
  • Their approval is easy and you can learn from their tutorials and videos
  • Many related products for tourists and travelers.
  • The commission is higher if you refer more buýe.

Join Amazon affiliate here.

Affiliate program on TripAdvisor

When someone is planning a trip, a must check website is Tripadvisor. This affiliate program is really useful as you can link readers back to the original content through your tracking links.


  • 50% commission.
  • Monthly payment.

Join the affiliate program on TripAdvisor here. is really well-known website among travellers. They also have an affiliate program for just anyone with a blog/website or app. If you want to offer your readers the best selection of hotels, this program is for you.


  • The registration process is free and easy.
  • They provide deep linking, search box and banner options.
  • Commissions are divided based on the number of your orders.
  • Minimum payout is €100.
  • Pay via PayPal (create a PayPal account).
Airbnb associates: Easy ways to make money travelling

Join the affiliate program here.

Agoda affiliate program

With a global network of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories, Agoda certainly deserves to be on this great list of affiliate program travel blogs. They meet the needs of all travelers with easy access to all types hotels, apartments, houses and villas to suit all budgets and travel needs.

Their affiliate program is open to everyone with a website/blog.

The approval usually takes about 48-72 hours.


  • Commission: up to 60% profit.
  • Provides search boxes, text links, etc.
  • Hotel power ads can increase your revenue up to 3x.
  • Minimum payout is $200.
  • Payment: Direct bank transfer.

Register for Agoda affiliate program here.

Skyscanner affiliate program

Skyscanner is one of those websites that I oftern use when looking for international flights. For travel blogger, Skyscanner offers different options.

You can use Travel widget in your sidebar or around content where users are likely to see them. This widget will take them to the Skyscanner website where you might get a commision.


  • Book flight tickets option in the sidebar.
  • They provide a detailed guide to help you get started.
  • They have air tickets, hotel rooms booking and car rental.

Join Skyscanner affiliate program here.


Airbnb associates: Travel and make money easily 1

Shareasale is an reputed affiliate network where you can find top affiliate programs. A wide variety of airlines and hotels affiliate programs can be found on Shareasale. However, the approval process is quite strict so this network might not be for everyone.


  • Direct bank payment.
  • Easier to achieve minimum payout than in-house affiliate program.
  • See affiliate programs top in every niche.

Join Shareasale marketplace here.

Tip: If you have many affiliate links, you can use Viglink to automate the affiliate link adding process and make some extra money.

If you haven’t joined any of the travel affiliate programs mentioned above, you should start joining them now. If you are looking to promote products on your travel related blog, this is one of the best alternative travel affiliate programs to Airbnb associates you can use to travel and make money. Make sure you use an affiliate plugin like prettylinks to make your link looks friendlier to the search engine and your readers.

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