Must do keyword research to have high conversion rate

Buyer intent keywords: Magic trick to sell products for free

Finding buyer intent keywords is a very important part if you want to create a high conversion website. Knowing how to find how to find buying intent keywords can help you increase conversion rate and sell products for free. Without a good list of keywords, you will be wasting your time or unable to promote the full power of your website to find more customers.

What are buyer intent keywords? You may hear many people say these are all you need to look for when doing keyword research.

  • Search volume per month is high
  • Competition is low.
  • Longtail keyword can increase conversions.

But there is an extremely important factor for website sales, or making money with affiliate marketing, that is to always focus on keywords that sells, also known as buyer keyword.

So what is the keyword buyer and how to determine it, I will help you find out in this article.

What are buyer intent keywords?

Every second, Google search engine has nearly 50,000 searches. When users have any questions, they search for information on the internet, and we all are rely on “Google”.

We find many keywords for different purposes: find information, for entertainment or to download materials. People also find product information or find products to buy, …

So the buyer keyword is the keyword that comes from those who want to buy goods, or are looking for issues related to the product for the purpose of purchasing, and they are willing to pay to buy products / services when finding the desired information.

Buyer intent keywords examples

To help you better understand the buyer keyword, I will give you some of the following keywords. You can recognize the common point of these keywords is: “Searchers need information to buy products or use certain services”

  • What kind of hot water heater is good: This is a keyword that comes from people who are in need of buying hot water bottles, and they are looking for the best hot water bottles to buy.
  • Are electrolux air conditioners good?: These are keywords that come from people who are in need of air conditioning, are they able to find information about electrolux air conditioners, & are they looking for good air conditioners?
  • Hotel near Changi airport: This keyword comes from a person flying to Singapore & looking for a hotel near the airport.
  • Cheap samsung phones: Searchers are looking to buy a samsung phone with cheap prices.
  • Amazon discount code: Searchers are preparing to buy goods on Amazon & they are looking for discount codes to pay.
  • Cheap laptops under $500: Keywords come from those who are in need of buying cheap laptops at the maximum price they can afford.

How to find buyer intent keywords?

You can check the keywords mentioned above, or the keyword buyers in your field are doing can realize the common characteristics of these keywords that most of them have a lower search volume with the other keywords in the same niche.

Finding buyer intent keywords

That’s certainly because the rate of people looking for purchases is always lower than those looking for entertainment, finding news or downloading data, etc.

Our main purpose is how to make money from the visits, so no need to explain you will also realize that the buyer keyword will be the first choice for you to get customers “preparing purchase or have a need to purchase “visit your website.

The specific reason is that customers who seek buyer keyword, they have identified their own needs, they have found the type of product / service that is about to buy, and they just need to add 1 more information to Make the final decision.

So the task that you have to do is: Build content for SEO for keyword buyer well to support SEO & you must know how to navigate visits from other articles based on the keyword.

How to do SEO with buying intent keywords?

First you have to identify buyer keywords in the field you are doing with keyword research tools, 3 popular tools are Google Keyword Planner & KWFinder and Long Tail Pro.

Then you will build content (content marketing) for these keywords instead of writing PR articles. Specifically, you should give out the information that customers “need”, not give the advertising for your products or services in a rampant way.

Specific examples:

  • What kind of hot water heater is good: You offer the best types of hot water heaters for your products in the first place. Your content must be complete, detailed, easy for customers to choose & navigate customers to your sales page.

After having good content, you will conduct SEO Onpage and Offpage techniques as usual. (This is a process, I will not include this article but will write separate instructions)

Should you run Google Adwords?

Running Google ads is an expensive service, if you don’t know how to run, don’t know how to choose keywords, don’t know how to optimize your landing page, you’ll lose money when you pay Google & still don’t sell.

On the other hand, if you do well on these things, Google Adword will help you with great profits, and support SEO faster than usual.

To answer the question “Should I run Google Adword” you must answer 2 questions:

  • Is the product you are interested bringing you enough profit?
  • Is the amount you pay for a click expensive? (Cost Per Click – CPC)

For new people, you only run Google Adword when and only if CPC is 2% profit or smaller. Then, if you have 50 clicks (or more) on your ad’s landing page and you don’t sell the product or there is no customer, you will often have the following reasons:

  • Product / service is easy to find, not competitive.
  • Choose the wrong keywords
  • Landing page content is not good.

Making money about the quality of your products / services, your blog does not help you with this, at least you have to, if possible, have selling points separately (meaning your product has a distinct advantage compared to similar products), so you can be confident to market.

Secondly, regarding the keyword running Adword, please focus on buying keyword, the reason you are clear, the keyword keyword brings high conversion rate, you can also run other keywords, but those keywords must have Cheap CPC & you must know how to navigate traffic to your content page.

Finally, when visitors come to your site from Adword (you spend money), for example, your landing page content is not good, those visits will not turn into your customers.

So to make your Adwords campaign work best, you should learn more about:

  • Content Marketing
  • Landing Page
  • Create a smart sales funnel.

The above things are not yet available in my blog (When I have free time, I just write and really marketing has billions of problems & I do not have full time to share all skills), so self-study & study is very important important.

In short, running Adword with keyword buyer is a smart choice, but you should consider carefully the cost of running compared to the profit. You must know how to creating good content and know how to optimize the campaign.

Make money with buyer intent keywords list

This section is only for those who are making money online with affiliate like yourself, if you do not know about affiliate, find out what affiliate marketing is.

Not only the buying intent keywords have high conversion rate, but also most of buyer intent keywords are long keywords (longtail keyword) so its SEO competitiveness is also “easier”.

Check out this article on how to find long tail keyword.

For example, when searching for the keyword “best home security monitoring” (this is the best home security device), this is a buyer intent keyword. So, whether you are doing SEO for your product or service website or making money with affiliate, then choosing a keyword to implement content is always a top priority.

From now on, you can use keyword research tools (I have named in the article) to select all keyword buyers corresponding to the product / service you are doing. After that, you should study more about content marketing to build content.

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