Latest Clickasnap review- Is Clickasnap legit or scam?

Latest Clickasnap review- Is Clickasnap legit or scam?

After I went through some Clickasnap review on Google, I’m still wondering, is Clickasnap legit, like, really? If you like photography then Clickasnap may be a good choice for you to practice your skill while earn some extra cash along the way. However, how much can you really earn? Let’s find out if it’s true you can make money or is Clickasnap scam!

This site is designed for photographers, and you can make money from your photos. It sounds too good to be true, right? If I read this title somewhere without doing any proper research, I will probably think it’s shabby. Make money just by getting photo views? This is indeed the model of not doing anything but still get paid. The truth is, making money with Clickasnap is not very easy, but it is possible for you to earn some extra cash.

How Clickasnap works

You just need to post an image, and when someone sees your image and you’ll make money. Pretty easy, right?Clickasnap allows you to upload your photos, making it easy to share them with friends and family’s, or promote the portfolio of work that you have.You can receive money for every time someone views your image. A view is counted as when someone looks at your work for five seconds or more. Five seconds means that the viewer is interested in your image.Next, you need to create an account to join. At the home screen click Get Started to begin.

Enter your email address, username and password as shown below, check the accept box and click Create an Account. Then select a free subscription to continue, click Subscribe.
Latest Clickasnap review- Is Clickasnap legit or scam?

Next, add some profile information, if you want to add anything, then skip click Confirm.

Now upload images and start making money, remember not to use copyrighted images or images of others without permission.

You can visit to get pictures, this is a free image sharing website with a very large database. All images on pexels are to be used for free whether for your commercial or non-commercial purposes.

On the home screen, search for the image that you think people will like.


Here I randomly select an image, to download you click the Download button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now go back to Clickasnap, click Upload to upload the image.

Latest Clickasnap review- Is Clickasnap legit or scam?

Name the image and add description. With the hashtag, make sure to fill it out to make it easier for people to find your image. Finally click the Confirm button to upload.

After uploading the image you will see this appear, if you want to share this image on other social networking sites to find a view, just click on the word View and copy the photo link on the browser.

A quick note is that you can upload up to 7 photos a week with a free account. However, if you want unlimited uploads and want to start selling your pics, you can do so by moving up to a professional account which costs £3 per month.

Clickasnap review- How much can you earn ?

As discussed above, Clickasnap helps you to earn in several ways.

You can sell prints of your photos, allow clients to download them digitally, or get paid every time someone views an image. But if you send bot traffic you won’t get paid, and you will not be allowed to use the site.

The Clickasnap website states that you get 0.25 cents per view of your photos and you will receive your payment via Paypal. Either way this may seems small, but you can earn some extra cash if you are good at driving traffic. Creating and building an audience isn’t easy for sure. But building a social media account or create a community will help driving traffic.

When you have $15.00 in your account, you can request a pay out. This site has a good reputation when it comes to paying its members, so rest assured that you’ll get your cash.

To check your income, please access your profile and scroll down to find Check Earnings.

Is Clickasnap legit?

One more thing that many of you may be interested in is the authority of this site. As I find out this website is quite reputable based on the reviews of many users on Trustpilot. You can click on this link to view:

Latest Clickasnap review- Is Clickasnap legit or scam?

The final problem now is just how to present the image to get the most views. Do not forget to share the article if you find it useful as well as leave a comment below to interact with each other!

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  1. Chuanchai Pundej

    ClickAsnap is a scammer platform that takes your money on subscription and cheating not pay your earn.
    Do waste your time on this platform. They will let you subscribe to be a member and collect your money monthly on a fee charge. when you have earned money on your photos per view at over minimum withdrawal. They will reject your withdrawal request for the stupid reason on your photos that not your own photos and/or stolen photos to declined. you can see this in my attached email. I am fool to let them collected my subscription money for long time and indeed is earn per view is not earn much at your imagination. Do not let them cheat on you.

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