Craft Beer In Hanoi Street

5 Best Spots To Enjoy Craft Beer In Hanoi

As someone who has been living in Hanoi for a long time, I’m excited to share with you a unique aspect of Hanoi’s culture. It’s the allure of fresh craft beer in Hanoi or often known as “bia hoi.” Despite witnessing the length of our nation’s history, bia hoi stands not just as a mere thirst-quencher but as a distinctive cultural gem in this thousand-year-old capital city.

What is so special about Craft Beer In Hanoi?

While a myriad of beverages have graced our lives, the memories and values associated with Hanoi’s fresh beer remain an indelible mark that can never be erased. So, why craft beer is so famous in Hanoi? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Affordability and Accessibility: Bia hoi is an inexpensive and readily available drink. Thanks to its simple brewing process, abundant ingredients, and swift production cycle, the cost remains remarkably low. A glass costs a mere 10,000 VND (around $3), a steal compared to pricier imported beers.

Relaxed Ambiance: Savoring bia hoi doesn’t require fancy bars or upscale restaurants. You can enjoy this refreshing beverage at any humble street stall with its plastic stools and kegs with simple plastic tubes. The laid-back atmosphere encourages people to relax and converse without formalities.

Distinctive Flavor: Bia hoi boasts a light, crisp taste unlike any other beer. A large glass brimming with a frothy white head, accompanied by a plate of roasted peanuts, is all you need for an indulgent afternoon or evening in Hanoi’s balmy weather. This elusive flavor is hard to find elsewhere, especially in the south, adding to its allure.

Drinking Ritual: An integral part of the bia hoi experience is the iconic glass vessel – a recycled, textured mug that has been a staple since the 1960s. Sipping from these rugged mugs enhances the authenticity, although some establishments have introduced more hygienic options.

Best Spots For Craft Beer In Hanoi

Today, I want to introduce you to some famous beer spots in Hanoi. These are definitely must-visit spots for those who love to unwind with some cold brews and scrumptious bites after a long day.

Hai Xom Beer

No longer an unfamiliar name among long-time beer enthusiasts, Bia Hai Xom now has 8 branches scattered around Hanoi. Their spacious and airy venues, carrying a touch of elegance, are perfect for friendly gatherings or family meals. You can even book private rooms for more intimate occasions.

What sets Hai Xom apart is their signature draught beer, brewed with a distinct flavor profile. The beer is meticulously stored in tanks under optimal temperature to ensure top-notch quality and rich taste in every glass. Besides draught, they also offer a wide range of bottled beers, liquors, soft drinks, and iced teas.

More than just a summer hangout, Hai Xom attracts customers year-round with their hearty hot pot dishes and diverse food menu. From frog, chicken, snakehead fish to crab and sweet corn hot pots, each dish carries unique and novel flavors. Their extensive food selection is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

The staff here are all young, energetic, and always ready to serve you with a smile. Hai Xom is definitely a beer pub you can’t miss this upcoming summer in Hanoi.

Craft Beer In Hanoi Street
Image: Bia Hai Xom

Lau Duc Troc – Bia Duc Troc

Aiming to be a spacious Hanoi-style beer pub that can accommodate all guests, Bia Duc Troc has emerged as a go-to hangout spot for gentlemen after a grueling workday. Unlike other beer joints, Duc Troc combines modern and nostalgic vibes, feeling both welcoming and upscale.

At Duc Troc, you’ll be spoiled with a diverse menu featuring mouthwatering dishes like charcoal-grilled fish, roasted suckling pig, grilled chicken, river crab hot pot, and more. Despite using familiar ingredients, the talented chefs here transform them into delightfully unique flavors that excite the taste buds.

Quan Nhau Tu Do

This place is among the top beer pubs in Hanoi, boasting an impressive selection of both traditional and modern brews. But that’s not all – get ready to indulge in a mind-blowing menu of over 300 delectable drinking snacks, perfectly paired with ice-cold beers. With 9 locations sprawled across central districts, you can rest assured about the consistent service quality and warm hospitality at Tu Do.

True to its name, Tu Do exudes a sense of openness and vibrant energy. The vibe here is all about embracing that retro-vintage aesthetic, adding to the brand’s distinct character. While the indoor space is already inviting, you can also opt for the ultra-chill outdoor garden, rooftop area, or even private VIP rooms.

What’s more, a hearty drinking session at Tu Do won’t break the bank – starting from just 199,000 VND per person! It’s undoubtedly an unbeatable spot for casual hangouts, parties, or birthday bashes with your crew.

Bia Van Ho

Craft Beer In Hanoi Glass
Image: Bia van Ho

Next up, let me introduce Bia Van Ho – a long-standing Hanoi-style draught beer establishment founded back in 1991. After over 30 years of development, Van Ho has remained a guardian of cultural values and culinary essence.

The menu here stays close to Vietnamese beer lovers’ hearts, featuring familiar bites like roasted and boiled peanuts, tofu, along with an array of seafood and game meat dishes. Despite the years, Van Ho’s beer still retains that signature robust, intoxicating aroma.

Stepping into Van Ho feels like taking a nostalgic trip back in time, as the ambiance preserves an old-world charm that reminds many of the country’s humbler past. These days, the pub has diversified into hosting sports screenings, banquets, birthday parties and more. Truly an iconic name in Hanoi’s beer scene!

Address: 2B, Hoa Lu, Le Dai Hanh
Opening hours: 8h30 – 22h30

Ta Hien Beer Street

Craft Beer In Hanoi
Image: Vinwonders

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting Ta Hien Street in Hanoi’s ancient quarters. With its narrow alleys adorned by rustic tiled roofs, this winding over 100-meter-long street has preserved Hanoi’s centuries-old beauty.

Built in the French architectural style, Ta Hien features uniform two-story houses exuding early 20th-century charm. The French-inspired design lends an air of romance, tranquility and undeniable elegance, often compared by international travelers to Bangkok’s famous Khao San Road. While serene in the morning light, Ta Hien transforms into an irresistibly lively scene at nightfall.

Nowhere else in Hanoi exudes the same unique, dynamic, and effervescent vibe as Ta Hien when night falls. The closely packed eateries and beer joints lining the sidewalks, serving quintessential Hanoi street food, have become an indelible impression for locals and visitors alike. Upon arrival, you’ll be swept up by the bustling energy of people coming and going. The sight of young crowds and backpackers gathering for beers, engaging in lively banter while savoring each sip, leaves a lasting impact on first-time visitors. It’s as if all barriers melt away, and kindred spirits harmoniously blend into the vibrant atmosphere, collectively reveling in Hanoi’s nightlife.


So, next time you find yourself in Hanoi, embrace the local culture by indulging in a glass (or two!) of bia hoi. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, make new friends, and create cherished memories over this iconic Craft Beer In Hanoi. Cheers!

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