Why is our article free?

When I was a beginner blogger and start my business, I don’t have a large budget to spend on tools and courses. Therefore, I see your struggles and decided to write our some articles to help you out for free.

I started blogging in 2018 with a single goal: create blogging and affiliate marketing tutorials that are easy to understand and most importantly free.

Our goal is to help beginner bloggers and digital marketers to start embark on your entrepreneurship career.

How can we manage a website for free?

We have always believed in being honest and transparent with our audience. In our opinion, that’s the only way to build a community.

Running a website like Make money savvy costs us a lot, in terms of money, time and human resources. Both on the server part as well as on the content creating part.

We share for free many blogging and affiliate marketing tutorials and articles. In order to maintain our website, we have to make money or else we would have to close our website.

Therefore, periodically I will enclose review of digital products or services on my website. If I believe it is a good product, which I refer others to the product via an affiliate link, I may receive a small commission if you buy the product I recommend.

Why am I explaining this?

I would never falsely represent a product just to receive an affiliate commission. If you think the use of affiliate links are only for my profit, you are welcome to leave.