How to make $2000month from blogging with google adsense

How to increase blog income with google adsense earnings

When it comes to making money online, Google adsense earnings is an reputed way to make money online that must be mentioned. This is something you must know when talking about making money by building websites, driving traffic to your website or blog to make money from advertising.

In this article, I’ll explain more about Google Adsense earnings’ requirements and how to register for a Google Adsense account.

Increase blogging income easily with google adsense earnings

What is Google adsense earnings?

Google Adsense is the advertising network of Google, it’s simply a bridge between:

  • People who want to place ads: Businesses and individuals running Google Ads ads
  • People who place ads: Builders source traffic to make money like you.

And Google stands in the middle of ensuring the performance & quality of advertising. Google Adsense allows advertisers (who own websites with visits or videos with multiple views) to place ads to bring about profits. Adsense ads will display the banner image is mainly, in addition to the banner or display in Custom Search.

How to earn money from adsense?

You will receive money for:

  • Every 1000 ad impressions.
  • Or each time a user clicks on an ad.

To make money with Google Adsense, you need to have an account. Google adsense account consists of 2 types:

  • AdSense hosted account: For those who want to make money with Youtube.
  • Google Adsense content account: Refer to making money by placing ads on websites or blogs.

Registering for Google Adsense

I assume that you already have a website in place and there is a certain amount of traffics or readers on your website.

Then you sign up for Google Adsense & wait for approval. So if you do not have a website yet, I advise you to make a website and drive traffic to your website first before thinking about making money with Google Adsense.

Building a website is pretty easy, I recommend that you use WordPress to do it. The next requirement is that your site must be “decent”. What I meant is, the contents must be created by you and your website must have a certain amount of traffic.

Website types that are best for google adsense earnings

There are 2 types of websites with the highest Google Adsense acceptance rate:

1. News Website

With news websites, you need to build content everyday. You must follow trends and create up-to-date content everyday. If you want to build a news website alone, it is quite tiring. For example, or are examples of news website.

2. Informational Blog

If you are just starting out, I recommend you to build an informative website about a certain topic that you understand well. It is possible that your blog domain used your personal name, or the blog aggregates the information that many people need.

The advantage of developing an informational blog format is that the topics you write about are always evergreen news people can read for a long time. So you don’t have to worry about following new trends everday.

For example, with the keyword “iOS tricks”, if you have a post about this keyword on top of the search result, you will get traffic daily, because this is a search query that has consistent interest and stay “fresh” for searchers for a long time.

With a blog, you can earn money in different ways, such as making money from Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing or you can even sell products and promote your own services.

Whether you do any kind of website, please remember that with Google Adsense, not only the website is needed.

As I said above, you must have a website, but that is only a minimum requirement. In addition to the website,there are manya lot of factors that I will mention in the next section. The most important of which is: Website content. Your website must have self-written content that is useful for readers.

Factors affect Adsense earnings

According to Goodle Adsense policy page, there area many other requirements as follows:

  • Content allowed: No content for adults, content with violence or racism.
  • Content copyright: Content contains relevant information about counterfeit, trademark violation, trademark, copied content or spam content will be rejected.
  • Content must be user-oriented, providing the best experience for users.
  • Do not navigate users to unwanted pages (frame popup). Direct users to the malware download link will be rejected.
  • Ensure landing page quality, page loading time.
  • Include policy pages such as technical requirements, cookie policies, etc on your website.

After being approved by Google adsense, you can access your Google Adsense account, create the ad code, then add the advertising code to your website so that Google can continue to review the ad. You may not see ads appear immediately, but please wait for a few days, the ads will appear on your website.

Note that you can still be rejected at this step. When your advertising account is fully accepted, you will receive an email,

How to earn money money from Adsense?

How to increase blog income with google adsense earnings

As I mentioned above, the principles of making money with Google Adsense is:

  • You must have a website => readers access your website to read the content => Google Adsense shows ads.
  • Visitors click on the ads => You receive money. (Also calculated according to 1000 impressions but advertisers now prefer bid by click.)

Making money with Google Adsense has a general formula: Content + Traffic = Money
To be more specific, I will summarize the steps to make money with Google Adsense as follows:

1. Complete website

You can build a website by following all the steps I listed here

2. Determine the topic & build content

In order for your website to be ranked high on the search results by Google, choose a certain theme and build high quality content.

Content written on your blog must be unique and useful to readers. Building content requires a lot of time and effort, therefore a blogger will need to have perseverance. Content quality greatly affects the success of your website, so take it seriously right from the beginning.

3. Sign up for a Google Adsense account

You should only do this step after your website has about 10-20 quality articles & has a certain amount of traffic. Also, please check and see if you website has all the needed pages. Check and see if you have “About us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” and “Term and Condition” pages on you blog before applying.

In fact, there is no minimum traffic requirements for new website to register for Google Adsense as other might say, you just need to have good content to register. I have successfully registered for GA with 20 visits per day.

4. Get traffic for your website

The more traffic your website has, the more money you earn with Google Adsense. So how to get more traffic? SEO is an “indispensable” factor, it’s a long-term strategy to make money with Google AdSense. 

SEO is a form of website optimization for search engines that allows your keywords to rank high on the search engine. If your keywords area ranked high in the search results, in addition to Google Adsense, you can make money in many different ways such as: 

If you are new, there is no quick approach, you have to learn and start step by step. Please, don’t use tricks, or copy the contents, etc. Because sooner or later your Adsense account will be blocked & your website will be flagged, next time you apply, the adsense registration process will be very hard.


Google Adsense is a good way to make money online. I think Google adsense earnings are greatly affected by a combination of the following factors:

  • Hardworking: Understanding and developing content
  • Perseverance: Your works must be consistent in order to get good results from SEO>

Google Adsense is a good sustainable approach to make money online if you really invest time and effort. I think anyone who writes good content can make money with this method.

However, if you want to take advantage of the sources of traffic and have a higher commission amount. I recommend you try affiliate marketing along with Google adsense.

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