Clickbank review: Register and make money with Clickbank

How clickbank works: 3 easy steps to earn money

In this article, I will show you how clickbank works and how to promote Clickbank and make money. Many of my friends have made thoudsands of dollars a month with clickbank products, however, it’s not too late for you to start now. After this article, you can start promote Clickbank and earn money immediately.

How clickbank works

How Clickbank works

Clickbank is one of the largest online retail sites in the world. Clickbank sells digital products created by entrepreneurs around the world. Now Clickbank has over 200 million customers from 190 countries around the world, can see the potential of Clickbank is extremely large. Currently making money with clickbank pages gradually becomes popular.

  • Vendor: This means that you own a product on Clickbank. When you become a Vendor you must pay a certain fee to open an account. Your product will be marketed for free by promotional markerster promoting free of charge to you, you will only have to pay the commission set by you in advance for them when the product is successfully sold.
  • Affiliate: You will choose a product on Clickbank that you want to promote, set up a free affiliate account, for each product you choose, clickbank will give you a link called hoplink, Each customer who buys goods through this link will be paid commission, commission amount depending on each type of product and specified by the seller. This is the method I will introduce to you in this article.

Pros of making money with Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank has a huge number of products, each with a wide range of products for you to choose from.
Extremely high commission: This is probably the most attractive, with each product sold you receive an average of up to 90%. Moreover there are many products when you market a product to them, when customers buy other products from the same manufacturer you still get commission.

Easy and flexible payment: You can receive weekly payments, and the minimum minimum payment is $ 10.

You can freely promote clickbank products in the way you want or the ways that are right for you. There are not many binding rules. You can sell products in any country that you want.

Things to prepare to register for Clickbank account

An email: Use to register and receive information from clickbank
A Payoneer account to register your account information and receive commission. Without it, you will not receive money or you have to use bank transfer, which will take a lot of time.

Refer to the link to receive $25 register for Payoneer here.

How clickbank affiliate works

Register for Clickbank Affiliate

To register you can click here. Then complete the form to register.

  • Language: The default language is English, and if you are more fluent in any language, you can choose.
  • Country: Your country
  • First Name: Your name.
  • Last Name: Your surname.
  • Address (line 1): House number, street name
  • Address (line 2): Street, ward and commune groups.
  • City & Town: City or town.
  • State: Province
  • Zip: Postal code of where you live.
  • Phone Number:
  • Email Address: Your email address.
  • Nickname: This is your ID when you choose clickbank products.
  • Password: Must meet all conditions, have at least 2 uppercase letters, 2 lowercase letters, 2 numbers and 2 special characters.
  • Payee Name: Your full name.

Check in 2 boxes I have read … and I’m not a robot.

Finally: click Submit Account Registration

After completing the steps you login to email to confirm the account is completed. Then log into Clickbank account to do the survey. This survey only needs one question:

How are you planning to use clickbank account? What does it ask you to use the account for?
Select: Affiliate account.

How Clickbank pays you

Notice: When they ask for your bank account, fill in your local bank account in your country, not the US bank info in your Payoneer account

Clickbank review: Register and make money with Clickbank

After logging into clickbank, click Settings on the top menu bar as shown below:

Then find down the Payment Information section, default is receiving payment by Check, you click Edit as in the red circle area below.

How clickbank works: 3 easy steps to earn money 1

Enter account information:

Payment Threshold: Amount of each withdrawal.
Payment Method: check the Direct Deposit box.
Bank Country: Select United States, because you will fill in Payoneer card information so you have to choose US.

You login to Payoneer account, then click Receive -> Global Payment Service to get Payoneer account information to fill in the remaining fields.

After completing the check box in I have read … Finally click Save Changes

To go to the product page, click on Marketplace in the top menu bar:

How clickbank works: 3 easy steps to earn money 2

Then select the Categories below the left category of products you like, you will see a series of products appear. The product looks like the image below:

How clickbank works: 3 easy steps to earn money 3

The red circle is what you need to pay attention and understand to choose the product.

  • Initial $ / sale: The amount you will receive when successfully selling 1 product.
  • Avg% / Sale: Amount calculated according to% you receive when successfully selling 1 product.
  • Avg Rebill Total: For products that need to be renewed by month or year, if the first time they make a purchase by your referral, this is the amount you receive when each customer renews to use the product. .
  • Avg% / Rebill: This is the average% of the commission you receive after each customer renews the product.
  • Grav: This index knows how many affiliate marketers are marketing this product. If the higher the index, the more people are marketing it, which means there is huge competition.

How to choose clickbank affiliate products

After understanding the parameters of the product, you start sorting and finding products, this step is very important, choosing unreasonable products will be successful, so be careful.

Clickbank review: Register and make money with Clickbank

Clickbank review: Register and make money with Clickbank
  • Gravity: >30
  • Initial $/sale: < 25$
  • Date added to marketplace: Pay attention to this box, this is the day the product is put on the market, should not choose products that are old.
  • Language: The language of the market that you want to sell, this is up to you.
  • Recurring: Select, if the user wants to buy the vendor’s products, you will also receive commissions.
  • Must have affiliate tools page: If you check this box, you will select the products that the provider will give you the best tools to help you promote their products.
  • Must have vendor spotlight page: Filter vendors that have their own broadcast site. There will be more instructions for you than promoting their products.

Get hoplink to promote Clickbank products

For each product, clickbank will provide you with a link corresponding to your own account, which is called a hoplink. When customers buy products through that link, you will receive commissions corresponding to the product.

When you choose a satisfactory product and want to promote bundle it, such as the following product:

How clickbank works: 3 easy steps to earn money 4

To get the hoplink of this product, click the Promote button as shown above (the area is circled in red). There will be a new window that opens as follows:

How to make money with clickbank affiliate

Account Nickname: Your login account name, when you are logged in, this box will automatically fill in, you do not need to edit anything.
Tracking ID: This box is not required to complete, if you sell that product in October you can fill in “October” to make it easier for you to have income statistics later.

Then click Create, the hoplink will be created.

You can see 2 red circled areas like the above picture is 2 hoplink, the second link is in html format, you just need to put in the position in the html website is okay. It can be seen that clickbank’s hoplink is quite long and not friendly to users, many people will not dare to click on this link. To shorten the link, you can use the shortened url website. After acquiring hoplink, now is the time go to promote products and get commission.


So, these are all the steps you need in order to promote Clickbank products and start making money. Now, I hope you can understand how clickbank affiliate works. Making money with Clickbank affiliate is not an easy process, but if you promote products consistently, then you will get money in no time.

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