How do affiliate marketers get paid

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

If you are interested in make money online, then you probably have heard of affiliate marketing. It’s one of the most famous form of making money online. But if you area new to affiliate marketing then you may wonder how do affiliate marketers get paid.

Well, the truth is, affiliate marketers get paid when their readers click on the affiliate link and perform an action. The affiliate network will pay their publishers money, the amount varies depend on the action users perform on the advertiser’s website.

What is affiliate marketing?

Simply said, Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing. In it, a Publisher promote products or services for many other Advertisers and receive a commission from traffics, sales or orders.

Publisher here are people like us who have a blog, a social network, or some other method to help Advertisers  (companies, brands) increase sales or traffics.

When the readers click on the affiliate links, advertisers will pay a commission according to the action performed by our readers. There are currently many popular conversion metrics such as:

  • CPS: Cost per Sale: Receive commission when there is a sale: usually e-commerce website will use this method
  • CPC: Cost per click: Get a commission when there’s a click (could be Cost per unique click or Cost per qualified click)
  • CPO / CPA: Cost per order / action:
  • CPL: Cost per Lead: Pay per lead or customer data. Apply for Real Estate or Financial Consultants…
  • CPI: Cost per Install: Apply to games or mobile apps
  • CPR: Cost per register: For parties that need new users to register, pay for new users.

Each metric has many different advantages with measurements. Depending on the business strategies, advertising companies will choose the appropriate metrics. And if you are a Publisher or affiliate marketer who wants to make money, then learn these concepts carefully to get started.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?

If you are new to the field of making money online and are not very clear about payment and online transactions, this is also a matter of concern, otherwise your hardwork will go down the drain. In this article, I want to share with you the payment methods as well as explain the use of each payment gateway that is used by many users to receive and transfer money. I’ll go through some payment methods that are most commonly accepted and used by online marketers. The fees of receive affiliate payment are something you should pay attention to. The payment method that you select should be based on lower fees and conversion charges (For international payments). For example, check out this table to decide what payment method is suitable for you:

Payment methodTransaction Fees
Wire transfer2-4%

So, how do affiliate marketers get paid normally? Most of affiliate marketers get paid through:

Direct Deposit

This is the fastest and most convenient payment method. Basically, Direct Deposit is a service that transfers money straight to your bank account. However, this method currently only applies to banks in the US, so you cannot use this method without going through a 3rd intermediary service.


This is also an intermediary payment service, after reaching the commission limit you can withdraw to your PayPal account (or automatically transfer). Most affiliate or freelancer websites accept withdrawals via Paypal, so this is also a popular receiving account chosen by many people making money online.

How do affiliate marketers get paid

Signing up for a Paypal account is pretty easy. You just need to prepare a Visa/Master Card, email address, identification information and follow the instructions in front of the computer screen. Your PayPal account is the email address you used when you signed up. And after you successfully register, you need to link Paypal with international payment cards Visa, Debit Card to authenticate your account, increase the reliability of Paypal and not be limited in features.

When you own a PayPal account, you can transfer money to this account to pay online or receive money from foreign companies and withdraw to the Visa card you used to verify before or a domestic bank account. Okay. You do not lose any cost in the process of using PayPal.


Payoneer is one of the most commonly way used by affiliate marketers to receive money. With Payoneer, you will have a bank account at Bank of America so you can receive money from affiliate networks. In fact, a Payoneer account is a Mastercard account of a US bank, so opening a Payoneer account is like opening a bank account in the US.

Payoneer card is considered as the top payment choice for those who are making money in international markets. You can receive money from Affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, Shareasales, Commission Junction… but also money when you work as a Freelancer at Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs.

After successfully registering for a Payoneer account online, you will be given a bank account number and a MasterCard card, Payoneer will ship the card to your home, without any shipping costs. Payoneer also provides you with the card’s shipping tracking journey, which is extremely convenient, isn’t it? In addition, on the Payoneer system, you can still use many online services such as balance management, sending money, sending payment requests, managing accounts, etc.

Sign up for a free Payoneer account HERE you will get $25 when you get full payment of $1000.


Normally, when you want to withdraw money from Affiliate Networks, you usually have to go through an intermediary company with a fee that is not cheap ranging from 2%-4%. This fee also depends on the number of transactions with the price difference and tax fees. But when using PingPong, you only pay a maximum of 1% of the fee for a transaction, quite economical compared to normal transactions.


This is the end of our article, I guess you now understand how do affiliate marketers get paid. My advise to you is choosing the easier affiliate networks to apply first.

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