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How do bloggers make money [An insider look]

If you want to know how do bloggers make money, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will show you exactly how do bloggers make money from blogging and just how much can they make per month.

How much do bloggers make?

As this blog is still new and I’m doing it part-time, my income for this blog ranges from $300 to $500 a month. My fulltime passive income come mostly from other sources like selling products online and affiliate marketing. In fact, some bloggers make $0 per month as they just started out, some make $1,000 or more per month after several months of blogging. However, some have managed to make over $100,000 per month.

It’s not all talk! Here are some other examples of successful blogs:

Pat Flynn with his blog Smart Passive Income is currently making over $100,000 per month and Michelle, the founder of Making Sense of Cents is also making over $100,000 per month.

Steps to make money blogging

You can create blogs in English or your mother tongue depending on your language ability, you can make blogs for free or invest some money to make it easier and more efficient. Making money with bloging is not a get rich quick scheme so you will need to spend some time before starting to see passive income flowing into your bank account.

I have chosen to become a Full-Time freelancer and I didn’t have a support team. You can see that making money online or from blogging is real! And you don’t have to be a famous blogger or have a big company to make money from blogging.

Whether you are a beginner or have been blogging for a while, take note of the basic steps to making money by blogging below:

  • Create a blog
  • Create useful content
  • Build relationships on social networks and on the web
  • Set up a solid blog
  • Select the income stream, the form of making money and putting it in the blog

Now let’s take a closer look at each step!

1. Create a blog

Obviously, if you want to make money with a blog, you must first have a blog. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Please read your instructions in this article: How to create blogs to make money for beginners?

You may ask, can I start making money from a free blog? This is a common question and the answer is yes. However, I advise you not to.

At the beginning, everyone didn’t want to spend money. But If you have a little investment, start with If you surf a free blog like BlogSpot (or Blogger), it will be easy to register and start a blog. In fact, free blogs are suitable for those who have more expertise because they know how to use them most effectively with existing knowledge.

How do bloggers make money

The second reason is when you use a free service, you don’t have full control of your blog, the free service will control it. This can be very dangerous, especially if you rely on blogs to earn income. In addition, free blogs have a lot of limitations that prevent you from running your blog the way you want.

From my own experience, I have converted a blog running with BlogSpot to WordPress because there are too many limitations with this platform.

I recommend you start from a WordPress blog and pay a small fee of about 2-3 $ a month to sign up to host with A2 hosting and get a domain.

Get 30% OFF A2 shared hosting

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2. Create useful content

Once you have a blog, choose useful content from your expertise and experience. Write articles that provide information about the topic you choose. Make your content as appealing and outstanding as possible.
What topic to choose for blogs?

If you are confused about what to write, these are ideas for the article that received the most feedback from readers:

  • How to solve the problem
  • Teach new knowledge
  • Explain how to achieve the goal
  • Entertainment and pleasures

In order to earn money, you must have blog visitors. But to get visitors to the blog and come back to the page later, you must have content worthy of their visits.

3. Build relationships with other people on your niche

At the same time with creating valuable content, start building sincere and close relationships with others on social networks and on the web.

What social networks and forums should I use?

With so many social networks and forums today, it’s hard to choose where to start. You should start from forums or media channels that your target customers often participate in and start there.

  • Participate in social media networks – For example, if your blog is for moms with children who are preschoolers, joining Facebook and a child forum is best. If your blog is for business executives, LinkedIn or trading forums may be a safe choice. If you’re doing photography, you should join Flickr, Instagram …
  • Join the Facebook group, blogs, forums – In addition to active and positive activities on social networks, these are more specific ideas you should consult: Participate in groups on Facebook, comment on Other blogs or forums. Find groups of experienced people. Reach out to people who work in your field by texting them.
  • Create fanpage, private group – Next, you need to create a fanpage or 1 group for your blog. Here you will post information related to the topic on the blog and share your posts. Find people who can use the information you provide. Learn about them, interact, create close relationships by providing your professional materials on it. Your reputation will spread best through people who know, like and trust you.

4. Set up a solid blog

A solid blog is a blog that has a rich content articles and is valuable around a certain topic that delivers high and regular traffic. In other words, this is a branded blog on the Internet.

You need to continue to improve your expertise to develop content on your blog, making articles more profound and beneficial for readers. Use that personal blog as an affirmation, branding, trust and being useful to everyone.

At this stage you need to emphasize on the brand you want to build for yourself and your blog. How do you want others to see you as a human being? How do you want them to experience your site? What do you want to be known for? This is the branding work that you will have to go through.

5. Select income streams

After you have started your blog, created valuable content, built up some relationships and hit hard on the blog’s brand, start thinking about how to create income for the blog.

There are many ways to do this. In the rest of the article, I will analyze 5 main types of income along with more specific ideas for each. Before going into these 5 types, I want to point out some information that you need to grasp first.

How do bloggers make money

Most of the bloggers’ income is not directly from blogging itself. Which blog here acts as a platform or an online access point. After proving the credibility of these blogs, bloggers use their blogs as a stepping stone to offering other products and services to readers and that brings them income. Examples include e-books, paper books, performances, physical products, digital products, etc.

If you want to make money by blogging, you have to invest a lot of time, creativity and enthusiasm. This is the foundation for future success.

You may wonder how do bloggers make money? Well, each blogger has a different combination of income streams. There are countless possibilities and your job is to find a suitable combination or create your own.

Successful bloggers are constantly exploring new ways to make money. The key to making good money by a blogger is to have multiple streams of income. Even small cash flows from different sources over time may increase.

For example, blogging about fishing can sell fishing guide services or fishing rods, fishing related products. Blogging about photography can sell photos or photography products. Blogging about becoming a preschool teacher sells preschool education courses.

How to monetise your blog

Below is a list of proven blog streams or sources that are commonly used by bloggers, divided into five main categories:

  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Service


Unlike many other categories, ads generate direct revenue from your blog, website or other digital applications.

Selling ads on blogs / websites

Income from display advertising (like Google Adsense). Display ads are the type of ads that will show to visitors in a variety of ad formats such as images, text information or link links. Usually they are placed on your website on the sidebar, title, footer or in the article content. Sometimes they are called banner ads.

Advertise on your website as an addition to the content of your blog, making them appealing and relevant to readers. Advertisers hope that your visitors will then click on those images to discover and buy the products or services they offer.

Display ads are usually provided via ad networks. Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers to publishers (bloggers). The advertising network acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, negotiating detailed business relationships between the two parties. The ad network will take a profit from the partner’s profit (like Google AdSense will get 32%).

How do bloggers make money with Google AdSense?

This is a very common question, and is a good question. Google AdSense is probably the most popular ad network today. AdSense is a good place for bloggers to start if they want to display image ads because it’s very easy to set up.

However, if you want to know how to monetise your blog with Google AdSense, you must choose a strong topic with keywords that bring a lot of money on your blog (advertisers will have to pay a lot for clicks on their ads. ) or you must have a lot of traffic (hard to get, especially for beginners). For these reasons, I recommend that you do not use AdSense (or general display ads) as the primary goal of new bloggers.


To register for Google AdSense or other ad networks, you can visit their website and register. Usually you should have a blog site / website over 1 month old and have good content before signing up for easier access.

If you want to use CPC / PPC (Cost Per Click / Pay Per Click) ads, check out Google’s suggestions for the best ad placement on your site. It is important that your content is not submerged in the ads. Google has warned that sites with too many ads on the main screen may be penalized for dropping search rankings. If you are not sure what is displayed on the home screen, use this tool.

Please test before making an ad! Experiment with ad placement to find the right combination on the site.

Pros and cons of display advertising (Takeaway)


  • Pretty easy to set up and maintain.
    They can be used as a way to familiarize readers with ads on your site before you find higher paying advertisers. In other words, putting the ad from scratch can eliminate “advertising shock” for readers.
    Advertising really brings a great benefit to some bloggers.


  • There are now many programs blocking / deleting ads displayed on browsers that make advertising less effective.
  • In order to have good advertising revenue depends, you need high traffic or an area suitable for high cost keywords (hard to develop).
  • Advertising rates have decreased over the past few years.
  • Ads often make the site look like spam and messy.
  • Ads often make click users leave your blog. Are some earned coins worth it? You have to decide for yourself.
  • Many bloggers have been banned from Google’s Adsense program without a clear reason, which is unpredictable.

Although it is possible to block certain URLs to prevent display in Adsense ads, sometimes a few bad URLs can get in (like someone using your Adsense code to play badly).

Income from private advertising

Private ads are similar to display ads in that they also appear as text or graphic images and often appear on the sidebar of the blog. The only difference is that they do not have intermediaries (advertising networks) to negotiate partnerships. Partnerships are arranged directly between bloggers and individuals, small businesses or certain companies.

Initial contact can be made by blogger or by the advertiser. And initial agreements must be clearly discussed about what both sides expect on the partner side. Not sure about the rates of these advertisers? Refer around to see what the average price of others is and then calculate the appropriate fee for you. You can often find this information on the advertising page of a blog or media.

Don’t just do one ad page and expect advertisers to call you. Find them. If you don’t know how? Find other blogs with the same amount of traffic as your blog or slightly larger. See who is advertising on their website. Contact those companies and ask if they want to advertise on your site. This is how you create a playground in which both sides benefit.

Tips for private ads on your blog: If you have ads in the sidebar, let ads fill this bar. Instead of displaying an empty box with “Advertise here” display it with an affiliate marketing image or an advertisement of a product. You should not place links or images that call for ads because this will make people think that your site is not valuable and no one wants to place ads on it.

Giveaway program for readers and product reviews

If you’ve ever read a blog, be sure to check out a review and a giveaway program or maybe you’ve participated. Companies will provide products for bloggers to evaluate them or give them to readers.

But I think that a Giveaway on a blog will often fall into advertising categories. With this form, the company you are working with can provide you with a product to use. However, they also ask you to provide services for them (I called Giveaway product distribution service). After all, you spend your precious time sending emails, writing articles, posting articles, tracking members receiving gifts, etc.

Income from sponsored articles

Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and write an article about their product or service. But when writing the best article, tell it in advance and reveal that relationship with your readers, so that they decide whether to read it. Do not write as empty as it is a normal, honest article that will help you not lose confidence from readers.

But you should also keep the articles funded to a minimum so as not to scare the reader. If you read blogs or news websites, you may have seen sponsored posts. You can identify them with information like “This article is sponsored by ABC” or you will see some addresses, phone numbers contacting a certain company right below the article.

  • These are paid posts to post.
  • Income from guaranteed articles

Guaranteed articles are different from sponsored articles in that the post topic is about anything you want to write, it is a normal post like any other of your own (different from the product / company service), but an advertiser pays to get a “Thank you … for the article” note below the article. Sponsorship here is not to advertise their services inside the post (as the form above) but to promote the name of the company.

The posts in this form you will receive many views and feedback as usual. It helps advertising companies better known than regular sponsorships (direct product / service promotion).

Advice for advertising

Make sure advertisers match the values you provide on your blog / website.

If your blog does not have high traffic, then it is best to use your time to develop it, not to advertise at this time.

Affiliate marketing

How to monetise your blog

As an affiliate marketer, you promote other people’s products or services in a post or anywhere. You link to that product or service using your unique affiliate marketing link. When someone clicks on the link and purchases (or completes a desired action set by the company), you earn a commission.

I wrote an analysis on how to build sustainable affiliate marketing, check out these articles:

Selling digital products

How do bloggers make money [An insider look] 1

Income from Audio / Video

You can sell music or videos that others can use as an end-to-end trailer.
Income from Plugin, Theme, application (App) or software (Software)

If you have a hobby of coding and can make your own theme or plugin, you can sell them in Creative Market or on your blog / website. In addition, many authors create and provide free plugins, themes or software, but require donations from readers.

Income from online courses / online seminars (Webinar)

You can make the above forms right at your home. No need to do something big the first time. Learn the market by organizing a small course at home, a small workshop that connects passionate people together. The latter can grow bigger when you have learned the direction of going up, finding out what works and what not to do.

Simply choose something that you are good at and others want to know and teach it! Do it once or twice to adjust your presentation and then start charging a small fee for those who want to study your class.

Income from e-books (E-book)

I don’t think that e-books sold on blogs (in general) can’t create the same income that some people did a few years ago. But for some people, with very interesting topics and a certain group of supporters (who are also people who will help promote them) this form may be a good choice.

On the other hand, there are many authors who make a lot of money from selling e-books on Amazon. They say the key is to write many books, not just one. One great benefit of having an ebook is that you only write it once and create a long-term income because it sells many times. This is also the benefit that most digital products bring to us. That’s great, isn’t it!

Income from community members and premium content

Private internal space of a blog / website, one-on-one interaction, VIP chat rooms. Premium content is the content that others have to pay to access. To enjoy the benefits that free information or tools cannot bring, readers will buy a premium membership package or upgrade a free membership package to a fee.

This is not a new concept, but I think it will become more and more popular. There is a lot of free information on the Internet, so in order to be effective, you have to provide something truly unique like some kind of “inside information”, access to the fish. Highly specialized staff, special packages like interaction and one-on-one coaching. This may be a service that comes with some free product you have provided.

A simple example is a website registration package on You can sign up for a free account to make a blog, but it will come with a lot of limitations such as not being able to install your own domain name, can’t advertise … If you want you have to buy a $ 2.99 / month or premium package more to use more utilities.

Income from images

Are you a photographer? Illustrator? Why not sell your photos on a website like Foap or Creative Market?

You can also sell your images right on your blog / website if there is a quality traffic in this area.

Income from selling blogs & websites

There is also a place called a flip website, where you buy a small blog or website, develop it and then sell it for profit. If you want to buy and sell a website, visit Flippa (primarily for international websites).

And if you want to read about how others sell their blogs, you can continue to follow the blog and read the posts you post next, or subscribe to emails from the blog (post registration frame). write).

Selling physical products

Income from paper books

For many bloggers, their blog has helped them sell books, including self-publishing or publishing in traditional ways. I heard that some traditional publishers will not consider your manuscript if you don’t have a blog or something of your personal brand.

And if you are a self-published author or a hybrid author (meaning you have both self-published books and traditionally published books with publishers), making a blog is a great way to sell books.

Income from seminars, courses or special events

Organizing an event as a small “physical” product workshop involves exchanging something tangible and happening in real life (as opposed to online classroom). You can also do larger events like a one-day workshop or even a multi-day conference.

Do not underestimate the work that can make one of these events successful. It is a huge commitment, but if you have a knowledge base or an understanding of event planning or an extremely energetic, well-organized organization, and better at linking or connecting. with companies (sponsors) etc. this may be the right job for you.

If you plan to offer a large-scale event, your goals must be very clear and very specific, make sure you have a strong desire to provide the information you have to your readers. The way you make money is to charge to attend or cooperate with sponsors to cover costs (and also your salary).

Income from selling products

Do you have any skills? If so, consider selling on Etsy or Handmade on Amazon. You can set up your own online store for free and quite simply to get started. But it will be difficult to stand out among the crowd of thousands of people selling, this could be your biggest challenge. The blog / website will now work, helping you promote your product to direct readers to the product for sale.

You can sell manufactured products and use blogs / website / email marketing to promote it.

If you can create your own product, it’s great, but if you don’t know how to create your own product, you can sell someone else’s product in your store.

Provide Services

How to create this revenue stream is a type of freelance work and you are a Freelancer. This is not a passive form of income but an initiative. You directly put your effort to make money thanks to the service you provide.

If you have a skill then why not offer your service over the Internet? It is not necessarily a computer-related job. Think about ways you can use your existing skills to make money and promote online.

You can use your blog / website and talk about the service you will provide online. Analyze it so customers know you are a professional and not an amateur so they can get you to work!

Some things you can do if you have expertise like:

  • Digital Freelancer
  • Application developer
  • Photo / audio / video editing
  • Website creation and development – If you have set up your own website, contact the businesses where you live and see if you can set up their website. Exchange services as a way to experience, gain experience and build a portfolio.
  • Designer
  • Manage social network channels
  • Editor

Article writer – The advantage of writing articles for other websites is that you become part of something that has been set up. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of running and maintaining your own website. Be careful looking for opportunities to contribute. You can start with guest post.

Selling a service is a good method because of low startup costs and no inventory. You actively create income for yourself like other non-Internet related jobs.

The problem is, work depends a lot on the time you have. You only have a period of days, or a specific deadline, to provide services. Therefore, the way you sell services or Freelance should be used in combination with other forms of passive income.

Other tips for service providers:

You should create a simple small website with a few pages such as: Home, introduction, contact, about us, services & prices and products made.
You should join the forum then leave comments, go to social networks to answer related questions. Build a reputation as a prestigious person and be an expert in the field you are doing.

Where should you start?

Before you start, please ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your personality like?
  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Do you like to organize and enjoy leading work?
  • Are you a person who likes to do what you want?

All these questions will help you determine the best path for you.

  • What is your life goal? Think realistic about what’s going on in your life. How much time do you really need to blog?
  • How do other people in your field do?

If you’re still in trouble, one of the best ways to find a solution for yourself is to see how successful bloggers in that area do and pay attention to the methods of making money they use. If these methods match your personality and goals, start there.

  • First of all, if you don’t have a blog, start creating yourself one.
  • Second, go to your blog for an overview of all the tips and instructions on this page.


Making money online blogging is a very effective but it’s a long journey. I hope this article help you have a better understanding of how do bloggers make money and how to monetise your blog. Combine these ways to create different streams of income depending on your skills and knowledge. If you do it consistently, it will bring you steady and sustainable incomes.

If you find this article useful, please share it with others. Please leave questions in the comment section if you have any questions.

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