What is paypal buyer protection

How to shop online safely with Paypal buyer protection

Paypal is a popular payment gateway often used by buyers these days, I often use it to buy products online and receive money from buyers on my website. Paypal claims they help protects buyers when shopping online. So, what is paypal buyer protection and why it’s helpful for buyers when shopping online?

Maybe you are also interested in Paypal but do not understand what it is, how it works. This article will help you understand more about Paypal fees and Paypal buyer protection policies.

What is paypal buyer protection? 

What is paypal buyer protection

Paypal.com is the world’s largest online payment gateway. You can use Paypal to buy goods and services, receive money or transfer money. You can also receive money via Paypal and then transfer to your local bank.

The most common currency is USD. Paypal aims for: Safe & convenient. After more than 20 years of operation, this payment platform is now used and trusted by many  individuals & businesses.

They have reached 250 million active users in 2018 & traffic volume is nearly 150 billion USD.

Why should you use Paypal?


Quick and convenient payment

When shopping online and buy products from ecommerce websites, you just need to choose Pay with Paypal, it helps you pay quickly and ensures the safety of your information.

Receive & transfer money for free

Between personal accounts (friends, family), Paypal allows you to transfer and receive money free of charge.

Wide network

Most online shopping websites have Paypal as a payment option.

According to statistics, there are nearly 90% of online stores on Shopify platform use Paypal as the main payment gateway for customers worldwide.


But nothing is perfect, this payment gateway still has some disadvantages:

High transaction fee: If you transfer or receive money with business purposes, the fee for the entire transaction is around 4.4% + $ 0.3. (For example, sending $ 100 will cost around $ 4.7).

Paypal account security

Are you wondering if your money is safe?

The answer is that they have hundreds of millions of users. Paypal requires you to create a qualified password, including letters, numbers & special characters. In addition, when you register, you will be required to fill out 2 security questions and a PIN number for safety purposes.

What is paypal buyer protection

Safe transaction with Paypal Buyer Protection

I know there are a lot of people who worry about buying products online. That’s where Paypal comes in, Paypal Buyer Protection is extremely good. If the seller does not send you the product or if you have any problem with the product, you can open Dispute to appeal, and you will be able to deal with the sellers and get your money back.

About Paypal fees

All payment gateways have a free and paid option, no payment gateways are completely free. You can see the fees below:

Personal transfer

If you use Paypal to transfer & receive money from individuals or friends. You can click on the: “Send to a friend” button to quickly transfer money. With this option, your transaction will be free of charge. However, only send it to people you trust.

In some cases, if Paypal records the email address that you send have unusual signals, or your account abuses this option then the recipient account is at risk of being locked for 180 days.

Use Paypal for payment

If you buy products online, click on the purchase with Paypal buttons to ensure the safety of your purchase. The Paypal fee will be charged for the seller, not to you, so don’t worry.

How to pay for services

What is paypal buyer protection

When you make payments on shopping sites, if your account balance is sufficient, you can pay with your account balance.

Use Paypal to receive payment from customers

If you sell products online, you can register a Paypal business account and add it to your website as a payment gateway for your website. Paypal payment helps increase the conversion rate of your website easily. However, you need to pay Paypal and transaction fees if you receive money from your customers.


So that’s all you need to know about Paypal Buyer Protection. You can apply for a Paypal account here to buy and sell products online.

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