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5 most popular personal blog sites: pros and cons review

There are long list of blogging sites to mention if you want to start your personal blog website. But, what are the most popular personal blog sites that are easy and simple to use without any programming knowledge. Because there are so many options, you probably don’t know which platform to use. In this article, I will briefly review through the pros & cons of the most popular personal blog sites for beginners.

I will also sort by priority, the top is most recommended. However, you should also consider your preferences, as all of the following are professional platforms used by many.

Introduce 5 popular personal blog sites ( one of the most popular personal blog sites)

This is a platform with free source code, but must buy your own hosting & domain to start your personal blog website. I highly recommend you to use this platform. is an open source platform that allows you to manually install, complete a web page, customize it to your liking & self-admin. This is the source code to make the website the most used today.

This blog that you are currently reading is using WordPress.

popular personal blog sites


  • Full administration of the website, synonymous with your blog is your own property.
  • Using your own domain name as you like, you are free to buy the domain as desired and then point to hosting
  • Freely install additional themes, plugins as you like. There are thousands of free themes & utilities
  • Interfered with customizing the interface & advanced features for the website to optimize the user experience.
  • The community is extremely crowded, there are many guides available online
  • Good security if applicable instructions are available.


  • Must manipulate and know the process of creating WordPress website itself.
  • Need an initial investment fee including: Hosting costs, domain purchase.
  • If you do not know the use is likely to be hacked or attacked
  • Need to add knowledge about website administration to protect private property. is a free blogging platform (Different from source, but with the same owner) aims to serve users who just need to have a WordPress website quickly without manually installing websites, hosting hosting and paying for their own domain names.


  • Just an email address can open an account to start creating a blog.
  • Easy to manipulate, friendly interface.
  • Do not spend any costs such as hosting, buying domain, buying themes, plugins …


  • Limiting storage capacity and bandwidth (3GB), more want to upgrade.
  • The default is the subdomain of, not professional
  • Want to point your own domain to upgrade, and the cost is not cheap
  • Can’t interfere with customizing the interface or adding code to track
  • Unable to use external installation plugins to help serve the purpose of making money from the website.


Medium is very popular with international users. This platform is suitable for those who love writing, or simply those who have a hobby of sharing their daily life experiences in specific areas.

Or individuals with very specialized knowledge about a certain field, or even businesses that update their products.

list of blogging sites

This blogging platform brings together a lot of top cult professionals in the fields so it attracts a lot of readers who want to improve their life experience and professional knowledge through reading.

I also regularly read the articles above, it gives me a lot of interesting things like reading books.

Also in writing, if you are passionate about sharing or just want to create a simple blog to update your life and work experiences. Medium is also an ideal place.


  • Easy registration, free to use
  • The interface is optimized with clean and super good reading experience
  • Full support for basic format formats for content such as other website editors.
  • There is tremendous strength Domain Authority thanks to the overall power of the whole site => Your article is more sought by people.


  • Can not run the blog as your own website
  • No separate domain name, you need to pay more. Your blog will look like
  • No interference with the interface
  • Cannot install additional plugins, business support tools or make money on the website.
  • Censored content is quite strict.

Blogger is the oldest and most popular name with many people making websites for the first time internationally. (its old name is Blogspot)

This is a Google product, which allows you to create a blog for free and easily with an available interface like

5 most popular personal blog sites: pros and cons review 1

Previously, it can be said that Blogger is the first choice of many individuals, small and medium enterprises to make business website and personal blog website. However, because Google does not focus much on this product, very few updates, not as powerful as WordPress, so the number of users gradually decreases.


  • Is a product of Google, a minimalist interface, clean
  • Can interfere with the interface, utility but must know briefly about the code
  • Free & extremely easy to manipulate
  • Support inserting tracking code easily.
  • Full support of basic text format on the editor.
  • Can buy & point the domain comfortably, or use the default subdomain


  • The interface is no longer suitable for modern web design trends
  • Google no longer updates much for this product
  • Must understand a little bit of code if you want to interfere more intensively

Wix ( A rising star for personal blog website building)

Wix is one of the leading website building or best blog site support platforms today with many templates available and a powerful app / service repository.

This platform receives over 80% rating from 4.0 stars.

Keeping up-to-date with the trend of modern website, the platform does not inferior to self-created web resources like, Wix meets the needs of business enterprises to individual users.

5 most popular personal blog sites: pros and cons review 2


  • Warehouse of responsive interface with more than 500 templates
    Interface built according to HTML5 & Boostrap source code to maximize user experience on the website
    Very easy to use with just a few steps to create an account & create a simple blog
    The editor has many advanced features, helping to format beautiful text.
    Premium package of Wix has full features to support the construction and operation of a good standard website.


  • Limit a lot of features compared to
  • There are no advanced themes, plugins to maximize conversion rates on websites like WordPress.
  • Online tutorials are not popular because the user community is not crowded
  • Storage capacity with free packages is very low, with paid plans, the price is a bit high.
  • Point your domain and upgrade cost is not cheap


This is the end of our list of blogging sites. These are the 5 most best popular personal blog sites with a large number of users compared to all other blogging and website creation platforms.

You can consider the purpose of creating a blog and choosing the best blogging platforms. I personally choose the first option – (Now almost everyone uses this, it’s also the most SEO friendly of them all).

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